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Dear colleagues and friends,

I am happy to introduce you to Asociația Română de Dermatologie și Venerologie and to invite you to participate in the events and actions that we will organize for the development of our specialty. I believe that a platform dedicated to the problems we encounter in practice is welcome, open to effective dialogue and oriented both to the novelties of diagnosis and treatment but, at the same time, interested in the patients we care for. Carrying out a constructive dialogue offers a good chance of success. The recognition and promotion of positive activities, oriented towards the development of dermato-venereology will contribute to the strengthening of our specialty. For several years we have been witnessing the re-organization on new scientific bases of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with interest in the skin and mucous membranes and the emergence of new skills, abilities or specialties. Defending our specialty but being open to a multidisciplinary collaboration will allow us a modern and efficient approach. For this we need constant updating of information and constructive, positive dialogue. Asociația Română de Dermatologie și Venerologie aims to be an open space for this collaboration and meetings of those interested in approaching the skin organ. Leaving the sober academic framework and overcoming the routine of the consultation in the outpatient office, I propose you to walk with confidence and openness in the wonderful world of the specialty we love and to which we have dedicated our medical career. Our extremely varied concerns such as those in the area of ​​clinical dermato-venereology, dermato-cosmetology, skin phlebology or laboratory explorations will find the necessary exposure within the Asociația Română de Dermatologie și Venerologie. We will also be open to international collaborations and discover thematic concerns and new friends together. We are facing an important opening, important for us but also for future generations of specialist doctors who will enjoy the legacy of lasting collaborative ties.

With good thoughts

Prof. Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica

President of Asociația Română de Dermatologie și Venerologie


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The XIIIth Anti-Aging Corrective Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Congress

13-16 Mai 2021, Hotel Caro, Bucuresti

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